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Church Just Got a Lot More Exciting!

Bible Study for Kids: The Life of Jesus Part 1

Available now at Amazon.com

Busy Books Bible Studies for Kids: The Life of Jesus takes kids on a journey through the New Testament. With a wide range of stories, questions, and fun activities, children are not only learning the Bible–they’re deeply engaged with God’s Word.

Part one of this two-part series teaches children about:

  • The Birth of Jesus
  • Jesus in the Temple
  • Jesus’ Baptism
  • Temptation in the Wilderness
  • Jesus Calls His Disciples
  • Water Into Wine
  • Jesus Heals the Sick
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus Calms the Storm
  • Parables
  • Jesus Feeding Thousands
  • Jesus Walks on Water
  • Jesus Predicts His Death
  • The Transfiguration

We didn’t put an age on it this time, because we believe that kids of all ages will enjoy it. Young ones can benefit with a little help from their parents and teens will enjoy the information and puzzles. If you have homeschooled kids, you’ll want to get this book!

Pick up a copy today at Amazon.com

Here’s a little peak inside some of the pages: